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National Dairy Council

The National Dairy Council is a farmer-funded organisation that works to promote and protect Ireland’s internationally-renowned dairy reputation for excellent products, sustainably produced. In 2021 it appointed Ten Storey to reassess its positioning and refresh its identity.

Ireland is a nation which is highly regarded for the quality of our dairy produce.  But how did we get there? It is through the combined hard work of the dairy farmers and co-ops to produce and sell quality products, and Bord Bia, Teagasc and The National Dairy Council to represent and tell the product story. Our work included brand positioning, messaging hierarchy, copywriting, graphic design, packaging trademark guarantee, and advertising. This was a significant project where also we collaborated with Gavin O’Sullivan on copywriting.

We continue to tell the story with The National Dairy Council on new campaigns, sustainability reports, social media content, and events.

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Identity Design
Design for Print & Screen
Messaging Development

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